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What is Baptism? Adult Class

Are you wanting to be baptized or have questions about baptism? This class is for you! We will answer questions like: Why do I need to be baptized? What does it mean? What does the process actually look like? and more. If you’re considering taking that next step, we hope you join us!

*Children are encouraged to attend the ‘What is Baptism? Kids‘ class. Click here for more information abut our Student class.

Cost = FREE

Questions? Please email Pastor Matthew for more information.

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What is Baptism? Kids Class

What is Baptism? Class is for everyone 8 years old and up who’d like to learn all about baptism. This class answers questions like: Does baptism get me into heaven? Why was Jesus baptized? and more.

Sign up now! (This class is a requirement before any child can be baptized. Parents and guardians are highly encouraged to attend with their child.)

For questions, or to schedule an online meeting of the class, please reach out to children@familycommunity.church.

Cost = FREE

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