Foster children:

  • 30% end up homeless
  • <3% earn a college degree
  • only 50% are employed by age 24

Psalms 68:6 says, “God sets the lonely in families” so we know that He longs for children in foster care to be placed in loving, supportive homes. YOU could be the very reason one of these children doesn’t end up a statistic.

Every child is ONE caring adult away from being a success story. 

Due to a shortage of foster homes in the Bay Area, children in the foster care system are critically vulnerable to society’s most pressing issues. If even a fraction of churches in the Bay Area raises up one Foster Family with a team of Support Friends, there will be more than enough families to meet the need.

Join Family Community Church as we partner with Foster the City to provide a loving home for EVERY single child in the foster care system. Together, we are working toward the day when the list of children waiting for a home will be replaced with a list of families waiting to share their homes. To get involved, please visit the link below.