Our recent poll showed that 55% of our congregation will return the first opportunity they have. 18% will be waiting for several additional weeks. 17% are enjoying the livestream option and will choose that option to participate in FCC’s services for now. 10% think it will be awhile before they attend on campus services. No matter what percentage you fall into, know that we love you, we miss you, and we’re looking forward to all worshipping together as a family again soon.

FCC has set up our tent canopy in our parking lot and prepared our courtyard and other areas of our campus for outdoor gatherings in groups of 25, per the current Health Department order.

FCC is going to do all we can, while using great care for your safety, to make on campus small group meetings and other venues available to you immediately. Last night our W5 Women’s Bible Study group met on campus outdoors in our Courtyard and simultaneously online by livestream. Other venues will meet on campus in the coming days. For details, click here.

Beginning THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 14, we will accommodate Sunday morning 9 AM & 10:45 AM gatherings of 25 in the shade on our campus. We’ll use our tent and courtyard between the 474 & 478 buildings.

Pre-registration is required for Sunday services so we can practice safe protocols. REGISTER YOUR HOUSEHOLD! We will not exceed more gatherings of 25 than we can safely accommodate. Simulcast feeds will be viewed on TVs outdoors where you can worship together with others. FCC pastors will host these gatherings. Those in same household can sit together, leaving 6 feet between others not in your household.

Masks must be worn. Hand sanitizer will be available. Please park on the WEST side of campus (where the office condos are) by the Main Lobby Entrance canopy where the tent is, or by the Courtyard between building 474 and 478.

1. More details
We take this virus seriously and will encourage masks, hand washing, and social distancing for all campus gatherings. We will respect those who are not comfortable returning yet to on campus church services and encourage those who do return to on campus services to follow safety protocols recommended by CDC and Santa Clara County Health Officer.

For the foreseeable future, all FCC services, classes, and other venues that have been livestreamed the past 3 months will continue. So, you truly have options! You can stay home and participate in FCC services online or come celebrate worship together outdoors on campus with others in your FCC Family.

2. Who we encourage NOT to attend on campus initially, for the first few weeks
People feeling ill, or that have a temperature over 100.4 degrees, that have health complications (diabetes, COPD, cancer, compromised immune system, etc.), are over age 65, and children 6th grade and below.

All kids programs will continue online by livestream and Zoom call, so it is best for kids 6th grade and younger to stay home when we initially reopen. No kids programs will be provided on campus until further notice. If you have children and would like to attend church as a family, you’ll be seated together. Please keep your kids with you and under your control at all times. NOTE: You may sit together with anyone in the household you live in, kids or no kids. But, please leave 6 feet between you and anyone seated next to you that is not in your household.

3. We have been making plans to greet you on campus in a safe and welcoming manner!
– If people need a mask FCC will provide one free.
– Hand sanitizer will be available.
– Soap dispensers will be full in all bathrooms.
– Signs will be posted on how to stop the spread of COVID-19.
– Touchless thermometers were purchased. FCC’s Security Team will take temperature of all staff/volunteers before services.
We will have trained volunteers or staff on site to disinfect, wipe down surfaces during and after service and clean restrooms.To volunteer click here.

Pastor Bill and Pastor Michelle will be responsible for responding to COVID-19 concerns. If you hear of any FCC person that tests positive or becomes ill that attended an FCC service in the past 30 days…. please notify Pastor Bill or Pastor Michelle IMMEDIATELY. Your safety, and the safety of our community is important to your church.

More to come. Keep checking your email inbox and FCC’s Facebook page!

I love you so very much,

Pastor Bill