FCC Update And Plans To Reopen On-Campus Meetings
(as of May 22, 2020)

With all the information (see links below) that has been hitting the news outlets on TV and the internet, it is quite possible that people will assume we are resuming on-campus services this Sunday. However, we are NOT meeting until we can do so safely, with a plan in place, to protect our people using social distancing and other protocols to mitigate virus spread.

So, in light of recent events (Attorney General Barr sent a letter to Governor Newsom saying current treatment of churches in California regarding reopening is discriminatory and illegal + President Trump and the CDC today declared churches should reopen this Sunday)….. FCC will NOT open THIS weekend (May 24). But…..FCC’s staff will meet by virtual Zoom call this week to discuss plans for possibly reopening on-campus meetings, beginning Sunday, May 31.




Our staff has been discussing reopening plans and protocols for the past 4 weeks and have also shared our ideas with Santa Clara County officials. We have detailed plans and strategies that will allow for both on-campus and livestream Sunday service options for our FCC church family.

Be watching your inbox for updates next week for more updates about when and how FCC will reopen and begin on-campus meetings for Sunday services and other meetings to encourage all who attend and provide much needed hope to our community.

Pastor Bill