This time of year we celebrate the gift Christ is through extraordinary giving, to provide tools that result in many receiving the gift of salvation and God’s love. Our annual Christmas offering is a BIG deal.

Today, the challenge is that the tools needed to grow and communicate the truth effectively and creatively are in desperate need of replacement. The video and media systems we’ve used for 12 years are wearing out or outdated. Replacing equipment and enhancing the visual worship experience is something for which our entire team of leaders is praying! In fact, our team has worked on this Next Gen project plan for more than 2 years. This generation of FCC needs to replace our outdated media equipment with tools that will enhance our abilities to communicate better to the next generation. Will you join us?

Triple-Wide Rear Wall Screen (NEW)

A NEW addition to the AV environment in the main auditorium. This screen will effectively “cover” the entire rear wall of the main stage cyclorama with an aim to bring a fresh vitality to all aspects of the Sunday experience, as well as special productions and events. Motion graphics and video may get used on this screen to enhance the worship experience and may also be used as “digital backdrops” for dramatic skits, dance elements, and other creative stage uses.

HD Main Auditorium (UPGRADE)

Replacement of all existing video tech in the main auditorium and improve the online video archive experience. This upgrade includes obvious items like cameras and projectors, but also less visible, but essential infrastructure such as backstage switchers, monitors, camera control, playback/streaming/recording, and signal distribution hardware. The new projectors will utilize the latest laser technology that not only exhibits a much brighter/sharper image, but also has a very long, warrantied operational life. The new camera/lens technology will yield a much sharper image, as well as provide better options for closer shots of onstage activities.

Infrastructure + Auxiliary Venue Support (UPGRADE)

Last, but certainly not least, it’s prudent to mention the most invisible hero of these upgrades: cabling and infrastructure. This new approach will require the replacement and even addition of old cabling and power infrastructure to support the needs of this entire project. It is the skeleton that holds everything together and will be a significant undertaking. We also want to make sure that the additional venues across the campus, such as the Stage3 Auditorium, stay as up-to-date as possible for campus consistency. This is especially important as FCC Encounter has increased to two services and will benefit from “equipment sharing” from the main auditorium when possible.

Campus Digital Signage (NEW)

In an effort to “think outside the bulletin” we have long-envisioned a way to distribute promotional information and ministry specific information with a campus-wide digital signage approach. The ultimate goal is to present CONNECT opportunities to people in a way that speaks to this “screenified” generation. This will effectively add digital displays down hallways and in critical “population zones” (i.e., children’s checkin area). Much more than simply adding screens down walkways, this system will require a separate “command center” in the backstage control rooms to customize content for every screen in the building so that “the proper” promotional content is displayed in the right area, at the right time, etc.