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Sunday Experience Teams

The Sunday Experience team is on mission to build this house; by welcoming, loving, and serving each person who come through our doors.

Are you an energetic, outgoing person who loves to shake hands and smile? Then you are exactly what we’re looking for when it comes to our First Impressions Ministry!

Many times, our “greeters” at the door are the very first impression visitors have of our church. It is very important to us that the First Impressions Ministry reflect the vision of FCC: a place where everyone is welcome and people are treated like family. Guests at our church should feel valued, the way Christ values His children, and this starts when they walk through the door.

In this ministry, you’ll serve at one of our entrance doors to welcome people arriving for a weekend service. A smile and a warm greeting is a great way to start the day!

Any Saturday or Sunday Service
Meet at the Connect Counter in FCC’s Lobby 15 minutes before the service starts

Email Pastor Michelle to get involved or for more information.

The people serving at our Connect Counter play an important role at our church. With a large campus, first-time visitors (and sometimes even long-time members!) can get lost or have questions about the church. Our Connect Counter volunteers help provide materials, give directions, and answer questions by attendees. Training and answers to questions will be provided!

The focus of this team is to create an experience that bring guests back to the church. When guests are valued and made to feel a part of our “family,” they will return. And every time they return, they’ll have the opportunity to experience Jesus’ love through our teams and our message. If you love meeting new people, offering help, and smiling, come out and join our Connect Counter Ministry!

Any Saturday or Sunday service
Meet at the Connect Counter in FCC’s Lobby 30 minutes before the start of service and ask for the service leader

Email Pastor Michelle to get involved or for more information.

This ministry can be another “first impression” for visitors to our church.  Have you ever been greeted and seated by a grumpy usher? It’s not a lot of fun. Our team provides a friendly atmosphere by greeting guests in the Auditorium with warm, welcoming, and caring volunteers.

Ushers are responsible for greeting and seating guests for services and coordinating offering and communion. They strive to provide our guests with a safe, inviting, Christ-like feel within the Auditorium. Interact with our church body and help make everyone feel like “family” at FCC. Join our Ushers Ministry today!

Any Saturday or Sunday service
Meet at the Ushers Station in the back of the Main Auditorium 20 minutes before the service starts

Call the Church Office (408) 365-0313 or email Our Team to get involved. 

The Parking Ministry serves our church by directing the flow of traffic on the campus and protecting the safety of church attendees. Parking lot accidents aren’t enjoyable for anyone!

Volunteers in this ministry are often the first impression for visitors and prospective members attending FCC, so they always strive to serve with friendly, welcoming attitudes!

Sunday mornings – serve for one service!
Meet at the Connect Counter in FCC’s lobby

Email Pastor Michelle to get involved or for more information.

The Security Ministry is vital to FCC. This team ensures the safety of everyone who visits our campus!

During church services and special events, our Security Team patrols the campus to provide a visible presence in order to deter car break-ins and other possible conflicts. People who serve on this team should be able to make swift decisions and exercise good judgment to protect the well-being of our church family.

Sundays mornings & Thursday evenings
Meet in between Building A & B

Email Erick Kidd to get involved or for more information.

FCC’s Espresso Bar serves the full range of espresso drinks and combines the casual, intimate atmosphere of a coffee shop with developing friendships during the weekends at FCC. Our “baristas” are thrilled to provide delicious drinks with a smile! We are looking for cheerful, friendly, team-oriented people who desire to help make FCC a welcoming place.

We’ll train you on everything you need to know, and soon you’ll be an expert! Come dressed in comfortable clothes (aprons are provided).

Sundays mornings at FCC
Meet at the Espresso Bar in FCC’s Main Lobby

Email Pastor Michelle to get involved or for more information.

We love our Food Services Team here at FCC! They serve our church family by preparing and serving delicious snacks and meals! They also serve Thursday night dinners at the church and cater special events.

This team enjoys creating an atmosphere where people can hang out, eat, and enjoy our services and making new friends. The food tastes great, but its preparation is simple, so no elaborate cooking skills are required! We’re always looking for new, friendly, hospitable people to help serve in the Kitchen. Come out and join our team!

Sundays during morning services
Thursday Dinners @ 6:00 pm
Meet at the Kitchen in FCC’s Main Lobby

Email Priscilla to get involved or for more information.

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Michelle Sagor
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