At Family Community Church we are on mission to grow healthy, vibrant, fully-devoted followers of Christ. We have developed a system we call What Now… to do this.

What Now… is all about next steps. Progress. Being driven by purpose. What Now… is comprised of 5 pillars, and we believe that each of these pillars is vital to thriving and growing in our walks with God.

Salvation. Baptism. Rededication. Public declaration of faith. “Decide” is often the starting point for many of us. When God moves and our response is to listen and obey, we can decide to break old ties, clean house, and focus on a God-directed life.

This is where we fill our new lives with God-infused spiritual fertilizer that makes us grow. Where we continue to move from elementary teachings and graduate to bigger and better seats at the table. This pillar involves the points of growth in our Christian walk such as Bible reading, worship, prayer, God-fueled relationships, and more.

What we love determines where we spend our time, talents, and treasure. We are talking about giving that benefits others. Selfless giving. Faithful giving. Love and giving go hand in hand. For God so loved us he gave us His only son. What are we prepared to give back to God?

Greatness requires that we become the servant of all. Are we more concerned about our rights and needs than those of others? Are we coming to church for us, or have we started to look around us to see how we can serve God with the tools He’s give us? Service to others is required to be like Jesus and be grace-filled.

People in darkness are starving for a light source. As we grow in our relationships with God, we need to be the light on the hill. This involves sharing our testimony. Simple invitations to come to church. Evangelism.

Our goal at FCC is to help provide clarity and simple next steps for everyone to grow in God and become more fully-devoted followers of Him. From the person who just prayed a salvation prayer to the one who has been a Christian for 50 years, everyone should never stop taking “next steps.” We want to help simplify those for you, so when you ask “what now?” we can show you What Now…

If you have more specific questions about what we believe and teach about FCC, please download our Statement of Faith .pdf using the link below.

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