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Help your kids fall in love with God’s Word and join our Children’s Ministries as we read and learn the Bible together. Each month there will be a devotion that you can do with your family at home by using the “YouVersion™ Bible for Kids” and “YouVersion™ Bible” apps on your phone or tablet.

The devotionals on “YouVersion™ Bible for Kids” will coincide with the exciting, interactive lessons taking place in our 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, and Kindergarten rooms on Sunday mornings. Through interactive adventures and beautiful animations, your child will explore the big stories of the Bible. It is designed to encourage kids to return again and again, setting the foundation for a lifelong love of God’s Word.

You can also watch the month’s lesson on YouTube, in case you miss a Sunday and want to ensure your child stays in the Word. And for children a bit older, the “YouVersion™ Bible” contains a daily devotional on the same lessons, containing Bible verses to read and questions to discuss. In the app, just type in the name of the devotion in the “Search” line and start the month’s devotion. The app will give you a plan for daily reading, along with discussion questions and even some video clips!

Download the apps today and start enjoying God’s Word with your family and church family!

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Devotion/Lesson for January 2019

Devotion/Lesson for February 2019

Devotions/Lessons for March 2019

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