Project Description

Spring Trip

In the spring, FCC partners with the non-profit organization ‘Mission Flight’ to help some of the largest unreached people groups in Mexico. In 2018 FCC flew to San Quintin, Mexico to build a dental clinic, along with Pastor Joel and his family. This area is considered extremely poor with a high percentage of migrant farm workers who work hard in the fields, but are locked in poverty without any dental care. This dental clinic now serves hundreds of people in need. Since then, FCC helped Pastor Joel finish a 3,250 sf church sanctuary by adding a sturdy steel roof.

Fall Trip

In the fall, FCC partners with Baja Christian Ministries to help build houses for needy families while working with a local Pastor in Mexico. This includes framing, siding, wiring, roofing, painting, and drywall placing. Regardless of your construction skills, gender, or age, there is something for everyone to do! They also evangelize by visiting a neighborhood in the area and teaching, crafting and sharing the loving of Jesus with the kids.

We are excited that many people are coming to Christ through these partnerships. We believe that God wants to touch, heal, and save many more through this ministry! Want to get involved? Click the button below for information about our next trip or Give Now to our Missions Fund.

Fall Mexico Missions Trip