Project Description

May 2019 – Mission Flight Mexico ‘Raise the Roof’ Project

FCC is partnering with ‘Mission Flight’, a non-profit organization who helps some of the largest, unreached people in Mexico.

In 2018, FCC flew to San Quintin, Mexico and built a dental clinic, along with Pastor Joel and his family. This area is considered extremely poor with a high percentage of migrant farm workers who work hard in the fields, but are locked in poverty without any dental care. This dental clinic now serves hundreds of people in need. Since then, Pastor Joel built the columns and walls for a 3,250 sf church sanctuary to be located on the dental clinic property, but he needs FCC’s help to carry this project to the finish line!

Specifics about this trip…

  • FCC will be raising $11,500 to send a small team of 25 people to help Pastor Joel finish the church by building a sturdy steel roof. Because of the poor road conditions, this will require our team having to fly into the area.

We are excited because many people are coming to Christ through Pastor Joel and the dental outreach clinics. We believe that God wants to touch, heal, and save thousands more through this church! Want to get involved? Give Now to this important mission!

For more info or questions, email Pastor Kandis.

kandis harvey
Kandis Harvey
Outreach, Pastoral