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Join us as we celebrate the changed lives here at FCC!  If you’d like to be baptized, plan to be here at one of these services!  At the end of the service, you will be invited forward for baptism.  Bring a change of clothes, and invite your friends and family to come celebrate with you!

Children and youth under 13 years of age who are interested in being baptized must attend our Baptism Classes. For information, email Pastor Matthew Trujillo.

At FCC, we do not baptize babies or young children.  We believe that baptism is a personal declaration of your new life as a follower of Jesus Christ.  Baptism is not a magical or mystical event that washes away your sins; Jesus freely forgives you for them.  We believe you should be baptized if you are a new believer, have rededicated your life to Jesus after living apart from God for an extended period of time, or were baptized as a child and now want to follow Jesus’ example of public confession of your faith as an adult.

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